What Is Health Insurance And Why Is It Important For Us? 2023


What Is Health Insurance And Why Is It Important For Us?

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What is Health Insurance And Why Is It Important For Us?
Hello friends, how are you all, you are wholeheartedly welcome on our website, today in this post we are going to give you some important information related to health insurance. In which we will tell you what are the types of health insurance, otherwise we are going to discuss all about its benefits. But for this you have to read our article carefully from beginning to end only then you will be able to know about health insurance in detail.

As friends, you all know that in today’s time, some or the other person has some or the other problem in every house. In such a situation, many people are unable to bear the expenses of their diseases and because of this they get disappointed.

What is Health Insurance in Hindi?

What is health insurance?

Before giving further information, we would like to tell you some important information about health insurance so that you can know about health insurance better. So friends, we would like to tell for your information that health insurance is such a policy that can pay for the expenses incurred on the treatment of any disease.

With the help of health insurance, whatever expenses you incur in the hospital or the expenses incurred when you are admitted. Whatever the cost of doctors consultation, examination fees and medicines, you can include everything in this how the treatment is done. We will tell you about this further.

How do you decide the payment for treatment? Now we would like to tell for your information that how the treatment is paid, the payment of the expenses incurred from health insurance is decided by negotiating with the hospital and the doctor on behalf of its insurance company.

Why is health insurance necessary for us?
And this payment can be received in two ways, first of all you can pay whatever expenses are incurred on your behalf in the hospital. And after the bill is made, you can fill it in the insurance company, whose money is given to you. And also if you want to get your treatment done through Direct Health Insurance.

So for this also the insurance company gives you full support and fulfills all your expenses with the help of health insurance. Due to this it happens that you don’t have to worry much about anything and whenever there is a major illness.

So there are many types of conditions for that also if a major disease i.e. fatal disease like cancer or any other disease if repeated. So it does not have any health insurance nor will the insurance company pay.

What Is The Difference Between a Health Insurance Plan And a Mediclaim Policy?

There are many types of Insurance Mediclaim policies and they have different types of differences. The treatment facility is provided during the hospitalization of Mediclaim Insurance in the hospital itself. Pre-hospitalization expenses and post-hospitalization expenses, the rest of the expenses have to be borne by the insured person himself. That is why companies often provide Mediclaim insurance to their employees, it simply means that they do not provide health insurance and get Mediclaim insurance done.

What Are The Benefits of health insurance?

Friends, let us know about the benefits of health insurance in further information, if you pay any installment of health insurance of ₹ 500. And after this, if your hospital expenses are up to ₹ 1000, then it will give you only ₹ 500, apart from this, if your hospital expenses are ₹ 200. Still it will give you ₹500 as assistance.

1) Cashless treatment facility is also available

And if you get health insurance, then almost all major insurance companies have made available the facility of cashless treatment. In this, you can get admitted in the hospital without paying any money, you can get your treatment done easily, later this insurance company pays all the expenses incurred in your treatment. But it also pays only under the terms and conditions given in your insurance policy. That is, you have to accept its term and condition.

2) Benefit of tax exemption on health insuranceYou are also given a pre-tax exemption under section 80d of the Income Tax ACP on the expenses incurred on the treatment of you or your family members. You are also given this tax exemption, you also get the benefit of this methodCan be obtained from health insurance.In health insurance, you are given a pre-insurance cover, after hospitalization, you are given full uninsured cover. Post-hospitalisation treatment facilities are also provided, pre-hospitalization expenses and post-hospital care are also taken care of. It has the facility of treatment of more than 30 serious diseases in which you can get the help of health insurance.

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Conclusion :-

If the information about the health insurance plan given by us, we will continue to give you further articles for insurance and other useful information related to money. After reading which you can get all the information related to health insurance, for this you will have to visit our website. You will be given notification of each topic only after visiting


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